OPP Trickery

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OPP Trickery

Postby sporky » Sat Dec 01, 2012 1:51 am

A while back there was a post made to Google Groups about 'fixing' a police officer.

Here's the post:

my name is Cliff

I need mechanic to clean up a messy spill.

He is an OPP officer named Dominic Lalonde. I will supply you with his
home address. You will need to travel to the Haileybury area.

I want this pig 'fixed'. For this you will receive a sum of
$80,000 which is part of a trust fund of mine.

Supply me with photos this pig has been 'tuned up' and the money will be sent
to you in an unmarked box via canada post or wired to a bank account
of your choosing.

Terms are open to negotiation. Dominic Lalonde stands about
6'0, aged approximately 40 years of age with a greying goatee.
Home address will be provided to you.

I want this fucker 'fixed' by a mechanic who has the right tools for the job.

Post an ad to Craigslist under Thunder Bay with your email address
and the subject of 'mechanic available'. I will contact you with
images of my bank balance, a map to get to pigs house, and other

(google search 'dominic lalonde OPP ' and it comes up)

In response to this, the OPP created a FAKE website at http://www.dominiclalonde.ca which claimed to be "a page for all of my OPP friends". It contained a special password protected area. The page was hosted on a server located in Barrie. After doing some research it was determined that this website dominiclalonde.ca was also hosted on the same server as http://www.suspect4soniavaraschin.com

The http://www.suspect4soniavaraschin.com website is a site made to look like a page against the OPP and almost appears to be that of the killer of Sonia Varaschin. If you were a killer though, would you create an actual domain and register it using your credit card?? Come on...

Well after some digging around I found that the Dominic Lalonde OPP page AND the Sonia Varaschin page are hosted on the SAME server

http://www.ip-adress.com/reverse_ip/sus ... aschin.com

What this means is that the OPP registered both sites in an attempt to get Sonia's killer and the hitman for this cop. In fact the Dominic Lalonde OPP page later tried a tactic claiming to have "family photos" in a ZIP file. The zip file however was an EXE file, meaning once you ran the sucker it would most certainly send your IP address to them. This is because content about Dominic has been posted using the TOR system (anonymous browsing).

Currently the webpage is down but the Sonia page is up.

I'm all for justice and hopnih they catch her killer but come on, how stupid do you take people to be???

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