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Michael SNELGROVE has an extensive history of conflict with the OPP and, in particular, member of the Haliburton Detachment. SNELGROVE used to have property in the Haliburton/Minden area. He has apparently sold that property and now resides in the Burlington area. (Source: PSB Sgt Mjr Matt TURNER)

There are several incidents on file involving Mr. SNELGROVE. The most relevant of these will be appended to this occurrence. The current concerns expressed by SNELGROVE revolve around an conflict he had with Prov. Cst. Robin Carmount related to a traffic enforcement occurrence on September 10th 2020 (RM20092663) and an altercation he had with a private citizen named Cody MISCIO on September 21st 2020 (OP20397729).

During the September 10 2020 incident, P/C Carmount engaged in ATV enforcement and encountered Mr. SNELGROVE. During the course of this interaction, Mr. SNELGROVE's phone was damaged in a minor altercation with P/C CARMOUNT when Mr. SNELGROVE was trying to record the encounter. This matter was the subject of a criminal complaint to PSB which was unsubstantiated. Mr. SNELGROVE then laid a private criminal information against P/C CARMOUNT which was ultimately withdrawn by the Crown. A public complaint to OIRPD was closed after OIRPD declared it "abandoned" because Mr. SNELGROVE apparently didn't respond to calls or emails. (Source: PSB Sgt. Mjr Matt Turner).

The September 21st 2020 incident resulted in Mr. SNELGROVE being charged with assault with a weapon. This charge was ultimately withdrawn because the victim, Cody MISCIO, declined to cooperate with the prosecution. Mr. SNELGROVE subsequently swore out a private information against MISCIO which is still before the courts. (Source: PSB Sgt. Mjr Matt Turner)

On May 27th, 2020, Kawartha Lakes Victim's Services member Devon Weil had a conversation with Mr. SNELGROVE which is detailed below:

- Mike reached out to VS via email today at 01:18 stating that he had just learned of victim assistance and had a lot he needed to discuss. Mike provided the phone number 905-920-3645

- Mike was called at 12:43 in response to his email and a vm was left advising him to contact the VS office

- Mike called in at 12:45 from the phone number 905-920-3645 and advised he was currently residing in Burlington

- During the call Mike stated that in September 2020, he was assaulted by Cst. Carmount and his phone was broken when he tried to record his interaction with police while receiving an ATV related ticket

- Mike advised that he had not received any “justice” as charges were never pressed against Cst. Carmount, and his complaint with the OIPRD also did not proceed

- Mike stated that he has not had any involvement with Cst. Carmount since this incident, but he still wanted an apology and his phone replaced

- Mike alleged that a few weeks later police treated him unfairly when he was the victim of an attempted shooting. Mike stated that he entered into mutual combat with Cody Miscio, and that Cody fired multiple shots at him after losing the fight

- Mike stated that Cody’s parents made a complaint to police and as a result he was charged with assault, but his statement was never taken but he still wanted to press charges

- Mike advised that he had filed a complaint with OIPRD about this incident as well but it did not proceed either

- Mike stated that recently his FOI request for his interactions with HH OPP have been denied and the systems were ‘laughing at him’

- Mike stated that his only options now were to file a lawsuit or get his own justice

- When Mike was asked about his own justice he said to ‘use your imagination and be creative’

- Mike then made multiple comments including that he was ‘sick and tired of it, ‘it wasn’t okay to assault people or break their property’, ‘justice doesn’t go away’, ‘the situation was horseshit’, and ‘they will fucking get it and they won’t like it’

- Mike asked why he wasn’t offered VS for the incidents he mentioned and was advised referrals were not made by police for ticket related offences or when someone was charged in an occurrence

- Mike stated that he had called VS for ‘one more chance before he started his own justice procedure’ and that ‘police put him in this situation’

- Mike was calm throughout the call but stated talking about things was making him mad before thanking VS for listening to him

Out of concern for some of the comments Mr. SNELGROVE made, Ms. Weil felt compelled to report the details. She spoke to D/Sgt PROSSER and prepared the above noted details at his request. D/Sgt PROSSER was aware of Mr. SNELGROVE's history with the Haliburton OPP having investigated previous disputes where SNELGROVE in a dispute with Sgt. Dan COLLINGS.

D/Sgt PROSSER spoke to Sgt. Mjr Matt TURNER and learned of the details previously outlined in this report. He also learned that there was a plan for he and Chief Supt PEER to meet with Mr. SNELGROVE but that plan had been suspended due to COVID. Sgt. Mjr TURNER was going to revisit that option with Chief PEER.

After reviewing the information from Ms. Weil, D/Sgt PROSSER was of the opinion Mr. SNELGROVE's comments would meet the threshold of a threat pursuant to parameters of the Criminal Code. The comments are consistent with other threats Mr. SNELGROVE has made in the past. That said; it is necessary to address the comments.

D/Sgt PROSSER contacted P/C CARMOUNT and advised him of Mr. SNELGROVE's comments and also arranged for Sgt. McDONALD of the Haliburton OPP to contact Mr. Cody MISCIO and advise him of Mr. SNELGROVE's comments.

D/Sgt PROSSER is waiting for a response from PSB about the meeting Chief PEER planned to have with Mr. SNELGROVE. D/Sgt PROSSER will advise JOPIS who, it is believed, have an open file on Mr. SNELGROVE.

D/S/Sgt BEDNARCZYK was advised of the above information for the awareness of Central Region Crime.
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