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OPP Does Nothing for Victims of Certified Solar Fraud

PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:35 pm
by CSolarJustice
Over 150 people across Ontario have fallen victim to a couple scammers, Craig O'Brien and Gordon Simmons, who run a company called Certified Solar. They signed contracts and collected payment in advance for installation of solar panels and hookup to the grid and then after 2 years, reneged on the contracts, claiming that they will issue a refund. The amount that each person has lost ranges from $8,000 up to $100,000! Also, it seems that anybody who has done any work for Certified Solar is also owed money (sales reps, engineers, etc.). Nobody has seen any money back. The OPP will not do anything and say that it is a civil matter (even when people have won civil court cases, and STILL have not received any money back).

In my opinion, this is sheer incompetence on the part of the OPP. The victims need law enforcement to do something about this absurd situation!

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