Peterborough OPP are among the incompetent

Lack of competence and ineptitude of police officers, policing styles and methods. In other words, what could be adequately explained by stupidity, should not be attributed to malice.

Peterborough OPP are among the incompetent

Postby Gkuke » Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:44 pm

Around May 2004, my son was charged with dangerous driving after a group of kids beat on him and his brother and then chased them first in his car and then into the bush and then that group of kids smashed his car to pieces after both my sons ran and hid in the woods. A resident close by overheard the commotion and called 911. The statements from those kids showed very obvious lies. Police saw the damage to the car, and after I had called 911 to report what these kids did, the police came and charged my son with dangerous driving - no questions asked other than who is the driver of the car.

My son hired a lawyer and the police would not cooperate with the courts. We knew the best evidence was the damage to my son's car as you could clearly see the muddy boot prints where they tried kicking in windows and denting the car. And the front and back windshield smashed from the outside in. It was obvious the car was vandalized, yet the Peterborough OPP called the damage an accident due to dangerous driving. We had the car towed straight from the Peterborough detachment to our home where we tarped it to preserve the evidence. The police told the courts they couldn't find the car!

In the end the court had a police officer from another detachment re-investigate and the findings proved that my son's story was true and that the wrong kids were charged that night! That 911 call went against my son's insurance, to which he became a high risk driver and payed dearly in insurance for years. It also cost him 3500.00 for the lawyer. All due to the Peterborough OPP incompetence and neglect of many OPP officers! The case was thrown out.
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Re: Peterborough OPP are among the incompetent

Postby cntower » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:31 pm

Wow that's sad to hear. Reminds me of when the plaintiff in my case who was in possession of my car (ownership was in my name), vandalized it (spray paint/baseball bat/screwdriver/ and sugar in the gas tank) and dropped it off in front of where I was staying only one day after I was released on bail. Of course they claimed nothing could be done about it and they had no way of knowing who did it etc. They took a brief look at the outside of the vehicle and that was it. Refused to do any further investigation of any sort. I guess laying charges only applies to citizens the OPP doesn't like or feels they can convict easier. Funny I thought the law was supposed to apply equally, fairly and with due process and investigation to all.

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