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News reports and online publications exclusively in reference to the Ontario Provincial Police.
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OPP looking to tech industry for new recruits

Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:42 am

Hunt for tech grads with in-demand skills puts force in direct competition with startups

The OPP is hoping to bolster its technological know-how by snagging new grads destined for the tech industry, putting the nearly century-old police force in direct competition with technology startups.

Provincial police announced Tuesday that they would be taking applications for 50 people to attend an upcoming police symposium on March 5, 2016 at Sherdian College in Brampton.

There, the force will gather to discuss the role of technology in the ongoing fight against crime and the hope is the civilian attendees will not only get a taste about what life as a police officer is all about, but like it.

"Technology is advancing and we are looking for people who have the skills that can help us advance into the future as well," OPP Sergeant Peter Leon said Tuesday. "Back in 1988 when I became a police officer everything was done on paper."

OPP offers something beyond office slides, go-karts

"[Today] the OPP is using unmanned aerial vehicles that are taking not only photographic images, but with the software that's available, [recreating] collision scenes," he said. "It's all based on software, where back a number of years ago you were literally with a piece of paper and a pencil doing mathematical calculations."

The call for new recruits with technological know-how puts the force in direct competition for talent with tech startups.

While Leon acknowledges that OPP detachments may not have an office slide or go-karts, like some tech firms, they do offer something that most tech firms don't.

"When you leave work at the end of the day you can certainly feel you've made a significant difference because you've helped someone," he said.

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OPP looks to recruit technology experts

Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:44 am

The OPP is looking for both college and university students with a background in technology from Brampton who have either just graduated, or who will soon do so, to take part in an upcoming event. It will provide information about how they can put their talents to work for the police.

Hosting a Technology in Policing Symposium in March, the OPP says there are 50 spots available for current or former students. The sessions will take place at Sheridan College’s Davis Campus, located on McLaughlin Road.

The event will give those who take part an opportunity to get an inside look at how the police use hi-tech items and programming in their day to day work and solve crimes related to technology.

They are interested in hiring candidates who have an educational background or training in the field, and this will give those who attend more of an idea of how they can put their talents to work in the field of public safety.

Speakers who have been asked to give presentations include a representative from the OPP Electronic Crime Section-Technological Crime Unit and also members of the force who are working as part of the Special Constable program, dispatch and the auxiliary unit.

Presentation folders can be prepared and filled with more information for those who take part.

Those who may be interested in attending are asked to apply to the OPP no later than Monday, February 11th.

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