Cruiser hits car, cop charged

These are violations by the Ontario Provincial Police officers dealing with statues such as the Highway Traffic Act, Liquor Control Act, Police Services Act, Child and Family Services Act, Mental Health Act, etc.

Cruiser hits car, cop charged

Postby Thomas » Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:52 am

ERIN - A Wellington County OPP officer was issued a Provincial Offence Notice following a collision on March 13.

Police say that at 3:13pm, the officer had completed a traffic stop and was reversing onto Wellington Road 23 when he struck an unoccupied vehicle parked in a driveway. The officer was uninjured and there was minor damage to both vehicles.

Provincial Constable West Ontonovich, a four-year member of the Wellington County OPP, was issued a ticket for making an unsafe start from the stopped position. ... leID=30229
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