Brighton man suing CAS, OPP and local PSB

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Brighton man suing CAS, OPP and local PSB

Postby Thomas » Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:22 pm

A Brighton man claims he's being "hounded" by the local Children's Aid Society and OPP after being acquitted on a series of charges that alleged the assault of a young girl.

Details of the case are laid out in a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed with the Superior Court of Justice in Cobourg by Peter Evans.

Evans, who is presenting himself, has named the Highland Shores Children's Aid Society (formerly Hastings Children's Aid Society) and OPP in the suit. Also named are Trenton Christian School, the Quinte West Police Services Board, the Attorney General, and the Minister of Youth and Children Services.

Evans is alleging the CAS is using "criminal extortion" in order to prevent him from being with his common-law wife and two step children following his acquittal back in October, 2011.

Evans represented himself at the trial.

None of the allegations in the lawsuit have been proven in court.

According to suit, a CAS worker received a complaint on June 1, 2009 from employees at Trenton Christian School regarding a child of a former girlfriend of Evans.

The complaint centred on the child's poor attendance and scholastic performance at the school.

During the CAS investigation, the OPP were called in to assist.

The suit states that at some point a hand-written note was discovered that suggested the child wanted to share a story regarding past sexual abuse.

Evans was arrested in July, 2009 and charged with criminal harassment, breaking and entering, assault, sexual assault and sexual interference. Bail conditions required Evan be separated from his family for a period of about one year.

Court proceedings began at Provincial Court in Belleville on April 12, 2010. According to the suit, a judge instructed the Crown drop the case as testimony of the alleged victim and her mother "were not credible."

But the case went ahead in Superior Court of Justice in October, 2011.

During the trial, questions were raised about the authenticity of the child's note. It was also discovered the child had not written the note and it was found the child's mother had lied to authorities.

Less than two weeks later, Evans was acquitted on all the charges.

According to the suit, Evans claims he "suffers from the phobia of having been labelled a pedophile."

Evans said he now suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, severe depression, psychological distress and other ailments.

The case, he said, has also had disabling effects on his common-law wife and two children.

In April, 2012, Evans said he was visited by members of the Northumberland OPP and a CAS worker. A report was received by the OPP and CAS that Evans showed up at a Trenton elementary school to pick up his step daughters.

According to Evans, the CAS and OPP told him he was restricted from having any communication with the two children.

The suit alleges the CAS worker told Evans he had a long history of sexual misconduct towards children. It's also alleged the CAS worker demanded the removal of Evans' common law wife and two children from their home.

The suit alleges the CAS worker failed to accept the Superior Court ruling. Evans claims the CAS worker told him the CAS is "higher than the criminal court."

Evans said in order to protect the two children from embarrassment, he complied with the request.

The suit also alleges Quinte West OPP made "false and unsubstantiated allegations" against Evans. It claims Evan and his common law wife have been "illegally, immorally and maliciously separated" by the actions of a Quinte West OPP officer and the CAS.

There have been no statements of defence filed by either police or the CAS and no date has been set to hear the civil suit in court. ... ng-cas-opp ... -local-psb
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